Our olive oils

Our oils are all extra virgin olive oilcold pressed100% Italian, according to the EEC regulation 2568/91 “extra virgin olive oil is obtained by extraction with only mechanical methods, without resorting to chemical processes. The acidity of an extra virgin olive oil should never exceed 0.8%.”

The cultivars used are: the Cellina of Nardò, the Ogliarolaof Lecce, the Favolosa, the Leccino  and other varieties typical of the Apulian region.

You can find our extra virgin olive oils in three different classifications.

Lightly fruity: the bitter and spicy characteristics are extremely delicate on the palate. It goes perfectly with raw fish dishes, vegetables, salads and sauce preparations. The taste of light fruity oil does not dominate the flavour of the dish.

Medium fruity: has slightly more spicy notes and an aftertaste that gently tends to bitterness. It is ideal to accompany dishes based on white meats and fish, cooked vegetables, cheeses and bruschetta.

Intense fruity: an extra virgin olive oil with a strong character in which bitter and spicy notes are more dominant than in a medium fruity extra virgin olive oil. The richness of the olfactory notes and flavours emerges when it is used with legumes, red meats, salads and crudités.

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