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Primoljo over 20 years of commitment, passion and family.

Primoljo - icona storia aziendaleThe history of the Primiceri family from Casarano, oil makers for two generations, began with father Marco who bought his first oil mill in a small historic centre of a neighbouring town.

In 1995, when the founder Marco passed away, Rocco, the oldest of his sons, keeping faith with a promise made to his father, continued the path he took.

I grew up on bread, oil and the fragrance of the mill. That place was home to me, the place to play and spend time with dad. Then when he was gone, the game turned into passion, commitment and so I decided, together with my brothers, Cosimo and Fernando, still very young, to continue my father’s project, preserving his will to stay united but respecting the autonomy and attitudes of all three …

– Rocco Primiceri –

And that’s how it was.

Over time, the company has become structured and each of the three brothers has taken the lead in three different sectors that make it up:

Rocco continues to live and “guard” the oil mill, today much larger than the one in which he played as a child, with cutting-edge equipment, located in Casarano and which has become a reference point for the whole region. He deals with transformation and logistics.

Cosimo, who has always had a strong bond with the land and the olive trees, gives voice to his agricultural vocation every day, taking care of the family’s hectares of land and always giving added value in a sector that, while remaining tied to tradition , needs to innovate continuously.

Fernando is the soul of Primoljo, the commercial part of the company, the smallest of the brothers, but also the most “obstinate”. At the age of 20, in 1998, with a wooden “salesman’s” suitcase made by a carpenter friend of his, he travelled all over Italy, informing people about his family’s extra virgin olive oil. His stubbornness and his entrepreneurial spirit have the merit of having brought Primoljo to the tables of Italians and having made the company and its products known abroad, in Germany, Japan and Russia particularly.

The art of making oil

Primoljo - L'arte di fare olio

The olive harvesting phase is the most beautiful time of the year, as well as being the most challenging for the oil millers. Usually the harvest sees us engaged from October to the end of December. But how does it happen, what happens? We simply tell you this:

olive oil production process infographic

  1. The olives are picked and delivered to the mill within 12 hours. Doing this so quickly helps us to have low acidity in the oil;
  2. the leaves are removed and the olives are washed;
  3. granite millstones break the pulp cells containing the oil;
  4. we mix the paste at a controlled temperature, so the drops of oil join together in ever-larger drops to separate more easily from the water;
  5. the olive paste is therefore ready for the separation of the oil from the liquid and solid parts, the pomace;
  6. we get our Must, unfiltered extra virgin olive oil, the real fruit juice of the olive tree. We bottle it in limited quantities;
  7. we leave the must to settle, so as to eliminate the parts of the fruit and the particles of vegetation water;
  8. the oil, from the mill, comes in stainless steel barrels, in which all the characteristics and aromas are preserved. Subsequently we bottle it so you can taste the oil of Primoljo.

Behind all this there is the pride of dedicating ourselves with care and passion to perpetuating this tradition and ensuring that it remains simply the same always.


Primoljo partnership

Our work is animated above all by the passion for things done well and sees us committed every day of the year, supporting sport as well.

We like to work thinking about the well-being and happiness of people that can be expressed at the table, as well as in participation, commitment and sharing!

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